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The Man Can - 6 Pack


The beer can is an iconic part of American life.  No tailgate party or backyard is complete without a cooler full of frosty cans, and until now, we figured why mess with a good thing?  Then it happened... we watched in horror as our friend snagged his beer off the crowded table, threw back his head preparing to savor the last sip of tasty brew, only to get a mouthful of discarded cigarette butts.  #GROSS  

Enter The Man Can- no longer is every sip a brush with disaster.  Our 16 oz can has room for a full traditional can of beer plus room for a Healthy Head™.  Even better our dishwasher safe, BPA -free plastic helps avoid any life-shattering experiences, it won’t get cloudyplus it helps you confirm your current beer level at all times.  Never miss out on that epic hail mary pass stuck in line at the keg.  Beer crisis averted!* 


Women, Men, washcloths- Everyone loves a great 6 pack! 

With the Man Can 6 pack you can rest assured that no longer will your iron grip result in beer sloshing out of the canruining your favorite koozie and racking up party fouls.  ThMan Can's rigid architecture supports the firm grip that every beer deserves, from basketball games to family reunions, keep your beer safe from accidental spillage.** 

**Koozies may exhibit side effects after Man Can housing, symptoms include loss of elasticity, aversion to aluminum cans, and general moodiness. 

Vendor: 16-oz