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Six Packs

The Man Can Mini - 6 Pack


Designed and manufactured in Colorado, this revolutionary concept was born from our desire to create the perfect tasting glass for our outdoor lifestyle- and our inability to pick just one tasty brew! The Man Can was a big hit with friends, but sometimes life throws you a curve beer, one that inspires you to explore a new world of hoppyness.  Flight glasses are the perfect solution, and thus was the Man Can Mini born- giving beer lovers the opportunity to explore many beers at once!  Even more important, the Mini’s size ensures a true 4oz pour and Healthy Head™. Not only does our dishwasher safe, BPA -free plastic help avoid any life-shattering experiences, it never gets cloudy.* Perfect for events, parties, and more, the smaller diameter fits on standard beer flight boards while still offering the awesome Man Can experience.  

*Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee the same for you after enjoying a few flights. 


Women, Men, washcloths- Everyone loves a great 6 pack! 

True connoisseurs will love the Man Can Mini 6 pack! Enjoy not 1 but 6 tasty brews at a time.  This handy pack is perfect for a long solo flight, a mid-week quickie with your partner, or sharing your awesome new bomber with friends. 

What’s better than a 6 pack?  Two of course! 

Flight for four, or just really indecisive?  Problem solved, buy 2!  Now you CAN share your latest craft brew finds with your friends, enjoy a long haul 12 beer flight on your own, or split your favorite seven-fifty with the Friday night crew. 

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